long peroneal muscle

long peroneal muscle
длинная малоберцовая мышца

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  • musculus fibularis longus — [TA] long peroneal muscle: origin, lateral condyle of tibia, head and lateral surface of fibula; insertion, medial cuneiform, first metatarsal; innervation, superficial peroneal; action, abducts, everts, plantar flexes foot. Called also m.… …   Medical dictionary

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  • musculus extensor digitorum longus — [TA] long extensor muscle of toes: origin, anterior surface of fibula, lateral condyle of tibia, interosseous membrane; insertion, extensor expansion of each of the four lateral toes; innervation, deep peroneal; action, extends toes …   Medical dictionary

  • musculus extensor hallucis longus — [TA] long extensor muscle of great toe: origin, front of fibula and interosseous membrane; insertion, dorsal surface of base of distal phalanx of great toe; innervation, deep peroneal; action, dorsiflexes ankle joint, extends great toe …   Medical dictionary